Chi Chi's Copycat Recipes

FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS, folks, and permit to take you on a food street trip of Eire. I used to have the ability to buy Chi Chi's packaged Fiesta seasonings at the grocery store. But it's no longer accessible. And the packaged taco meat seasonings that are obtainable now just aren't that good. Can anybody give me a good recipe for taco meat. I used to be questioning if anybody knew or may point me in the fitting path on learn how to discover the recepie to the HEN MEXICAN PIZZA off of the kids menu from Chi Chi's. I cherished it a lot and occupied with it makes my mouth water!! Any assist would be great! I used to attend tables at Chi Chi's after I was in college. I loved it. I particularly beloved the Cancun and the very famous Texas Nachos appetizer.
My Mom used to work there are raves about it. She has talked about the seafood salad. when you have the recipe for it that will be superior! She stated it got here in a deep fried tortilla with a candy and bitter dressing on it. Any help?! Thanks a lot! I used to work at Chi Chi's in the early ninety's. The triangle desserts had been known as sopapillas, and they're simply the Pepperidge Farm flake pastry that is bought in grocery store freezers. All you do is cut it into form if you'd like, and drop it frozen into a fryer. Voila'! Hi all, does anybody have the recipe for ChiChi's Mexican Spring Rolls with Raspberry relish? This was my favourite appetizer and I haven't discovered it wherever. I simply need it for dwelling. Thanks for the whole lot.
I have been racking my brain for the name of the pork green chili sauce that Chi Chi's served with their chimiquitos appetizer. The chimiquitos have been served on a bed of lettuce together with salsa, guacamole, chili con queso, sour cream, shredded cheese and this pork green chili sauce that had a specific name. Can anybody recall the identify??? Thanks!!! Does anyone have the recipe for Chi Chi's corn cake? That was my favorite factor from there. I miss that place so much and have been dying to seek out that recipe for years. I used to work at one in blue springs. the inexperienced pork dish was referred to as green chili, and it was excellent.
I recall that earlier than your meal, the waiter would usher in some nachos to enjoy before your meal and there were (2) forms of dip, the regular salsa dip and the opposite dip was called Calipso dressing or dip. I wish to get hold of the recipe for the Calipso dip, if anyone might help me out I actually would enjoy that treat. I used to go loopy for the hen taco salad. I'd really find it irresistible for those who may post a copycat recipe for this. I've tried several at different restaurants and NONE of them even come close! Thanks! My daughter cherished consuming at Chi Chi's after we lived in PA. She nonetheless talks about it after 10 years. I might like to shock her with the recipe for Tampico Enchiladas. Does anybody have the recipe? Thanks a lot.
Searching for the recipe for a chicken mushy taco. I feel it was beneath the appitizer section. You could possibly get this with beef or shredded chicken. It was layered with rice or a tortilla, hen, lettuce, tomatoes, melted cheese and maybe avacado. And it came with sour cream. It was solely like $5, but was an enormous serving to. You ate it with a fork, not rolled in a smooth taco. If solely Hormel didn't charge more to ship it (to Hawaii) than the product itself I might purchase the Chi-Chi's Mexican Sauce so I can try and perfect the Calypso Home Dressing. Lime Juice (fresh thins the bitter cream) and I wish to say a tiny bit of actual mayonnaise.
Like all of you, I too am a big fan of the old Chi Chi's. Was heartbroken when it closed. I do know one different person talked about it already but I actually want to get the recipe for Polo Magnifico. That was the very best hen I've ever had nonetheless. The seasons had been out of this world on it. If anyone can is aware of it might like to have it. Greatest enchiladas I have ever had. My mouths waters on the very thought of them.. Especially with the diablo sauce drizzled excessive of them. I liked Chi Chi's once I was a kid and I've been craving a taco salad with the house dressing fast food . Hope to try and create it. I really wish they might just reopen them they were the most effective.
I am searching for the recipe for the Outrageous Burrito also! I would like to surprise my husband with it! That was his absolute favourite and would order it each time we went! We used to go to Chi Chi's each likelihood we got. My husband was not too long ago recognized with Leukemia and with the entire chemo and meds his love of food is gone, however he still talks about Chi Chi's and how much %anchor_text% he misses the Outrageous Burrito! Certain hope to find the recipe! ctzkbhwilson@ Thanks so much! Cyndi, THANKS! I have requested everyone about those dessert puffs Chi-Chi's had. Pepperidge Farms puffs, huh? one my approach to the shop now so we will have them for supper. Thanks for permitting me to recreate with my very own kids the great instances i had as a baby!

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